TV & YouTube

(2023) “Time for Depiction”, British Society of Aesthetics sponsored Time for Beauty.
(2021) “Should we be Cartesian Dualists?”. Royal Institute of Philosophy’s 15-Minute Masterclass.
(2021) “How Does Perception Work?”. Royal Institute of Philosophy’s 15-Minute Masterclass. 
(2021) “The future of travel technology”, Interview on BBC’s The Travel Show.
(2021) “”Victorian Lady Travellers, Unfeminine Philosophical Women, and Mary Wollstonecraft” Oxford University Press YouTube.
(2020) “Flying in the age of Covid-19?” Interview on BBC’s The Travel Show.
(2019) “The Illusion of Now: Is time static or fluid?”, discussion hosted by Institute of Arts & Ideas TV.
(2019) Guest appearance as an expert, Comedians Giving Lectures, Dave (series 1, episode 4).
(2018) “What is Absolute Time? Henry More on Time, God and Mountains”. Documentary about absolute time, invented in Britain by Cambridge philosopher Henry More.
(2018) “Tangling Time with Its History”. Animated video explaining deep connections between twentieth century history of time, and twenty-first century philosophy.


(2024) “Hypertime and J. W. Dunne”, BBC Sunday Sequence.
(2022) “Philosophy and Travel”, The Philosopher’s Zone, ABC Radio.
(2021) “I Travel Therefore I Am: The Philosophy of Travel”, CBC Ideas, Canadian National Radio. 
(2021) “Tourism-Travel.” BBC Radio 4’s Thinking Allowed.
(2020) “Gerard Mercator: The man who revolutionised mapmaking”, BBC’s The Forum.
(2020). “The Philosophy of Travel, Now We Can’t”, Australian Broadcasting Company’s Nightlife.
(2020) “Love of Home”. Discussing the history and philosophy of travel on BBC Radio 4’s Start the Week, with Andrew Marr.
(2020) “Maths and Philosophy Puzzles”, interview about The Meaning of Travel on BBC Radio 3’s Free Thinking
(2020) Talk Radio Europe, TRE Bookshop, interview about The Meaning of Travel.
(2019) “Bergson and Time”. Discussing early twentieth century French philosopher Henri Bergson, and his novel account of time, on BBC Radio 4’s In Our Time, with Melvyn Bragg.
(2018) “The In Between”. How the philosophy of space can help us to understand ‘in between’ places, on BBC Radio 3’s Free Thinking.
(2017) “Are Science and Religion Compatible?” Live talkshow, Morning Talk with Rowena Baird, SAfm.


(2023) “Margaret Cavendish’s The Blazing World”, Imaginary Worlds Podcast.
(2022) “The Meaning of Travel”, on Joanna Penn’s Books and Travel.
(2022) “What if we took vacations on Mars?” Future Dimensions, the Mercedes-Benz podcast.
(2022) “What is Time?” With Justin Smith & Point Magazine’s What is X?
(2022) The Better Travel Podcast! “How can I be a more thoughtful traveller?”
(2021) You Should Have Been There, asking if there should be “No Go Areas?” for travellers.
(2021) Assorted interviews about The Meaning of Travel: The Philosopher and the News, You Should Have Been There, Rolf Potts’ Travel Podcast, The Soul of Travel Podcast, Synthetic Society. 
(2020) CBS News Eye on Travel with Peter Greenberg, interview on the history of travel.
(2020) The Fromer Travel Show Podcast, interview about the philosophy and future of travel.
(2020) “Emily Thomas on Philosophers Abroad: 5 Philosophical Bits of Travel Advice”, Oxford University Press Side Comment.
(2020) Assorted interviews about The Meaning of Travel: Monocle ReadsNew Books NetworkPrimaphilosophy, Possible Podcast, Travel with MeaningDihedral,  Travel CommonsBetween the Mountains, Dilemma.
(2019) “On Wildly Implausible Metaphysics”, Philosophy Bites with Nigel Warburton.
(2019) “The Illusion of Now”, Philosophy for Our Times podcast with Julian Barbour and Tim Maudlin.
(2019) “The Idealism and Pantheism of May Sinclair” (Two Parts). Discussing early twentieth century novelist and philosopher May Sinclair, on The Panpsycast Philosophy Podcast.
(2017) “Where the Girls At?” A Philosophobia podcast on why it still matters that Aristotle thought women were deformed males.

Magazine Articles

(2024) “11 philosophers you don’t know about, but should”, Institute of Arts & Ideas.
(2023) “The Invention of Time: A now commonplace device, Joseph Priestley’s timeline revolutionised how we view both time and history”, History Today.
(2023) “Aristotle on Making Babies: How Science Got into Bed with Sexism”, Aeon.
(2022) “Putting Santa (and anything else) on a Timeline”, Thought Leadership at Durham University.
(2022) “Philosophy and the Lure of Video Game Maps”, The Philosopher’s Magazine. Translated into Chinese here.
(2022) “The Philosopher-Historian Rebel: an interview with Jonathan Rée”, The Philosopher’s Magazine. Translated into Chinese here.
(2021) “Why virtual travel is no substitute for being in a place”, Psyche. 
(2021) “The Road Less Travelled: The case of Mary Wollstonecraft”, History Today 71: 28-39.
(2021) “Maps and Blandscapes: Emily Thomas argues the world is not everywhere the same”, Philosopher’s Magazine 92: 47-49,
(2021) “Time Through Time: Its Evolution through Western Philosophy in 7 Ideas”, Think 20: 23-38.
(2020) “A Magical Syllabus: Emily Thomas Unearths the Hogwarts of C. D. Broad”, The Philosopher’s Magazine.
(2020) “The strange allure of borders”, Institute of Arts and Ideas Magazine.
(2020) “Three reasons great thinkers liked armchair travel”, The Conversation.
(2020) “Last Chance Tourism Destroys the Very Places People Want to Save: Climate Change Should Not Be Treated As Spectacle”, Literary Hub.
(2020) “Why does travelling change us?” New Statesman.
(2020) Why philosophy is an ideal travel companion for adventurous minds”, The Conversation. Reprinted in several places, including and The Outdoor Journal.
(2020) “Before, now, and next: Pastness, presentness and futurity seem to be real features of the world, but are they?” Aeon.
(2019) “Three female philosophers you’ve probably never heard of in the field of big consciousness”, The Conversation.
(2017) “Does the Size of the Universe Prove God Doesn’t Exist?”. The Conversation. Reprinted in over a dozen places, including Newsweek, News Republic, and RealClearScience.
(2017) “What is Space? The 300 year old Battle Still Raging Today”. The Conversation. Reprinted in over ten places, including, Sci Fi Generation, and RealClearScience. Translated into Chinese and Indonesian.

Other Popular Writing

(2023) “Is Time Like Space? Mary Calkins and Victoria Welby Disagree”. New Work in Philosophy.
(2023) “The best books about travel that are philosophical and funny”, Shepherd.
(2021) “How women have shaped philosophy: nine female philosophers our authors admire”, Oxford University Press Blog.
(2020) “On publishing popular philosophy books (and a travel book during an international lockdown)”, The Philosophers’ Cocoon.
(2020) “Five Philosophers on the Joy of Walking”, Oxford University Press Blog.
(2018) “Are spirits in space? Exploding spirits and absolute theories of space and time”, Oxford University Press Blog.
(2018) “Time: Exploring its Philosophy and History”. I edited this blog series, hosted by the Centre for Philosophy of Time. It asks questions like how much time we can perceive, and what Bergson had to say about memory.
(2018) “Impact and Engagement for Early Career Philosophers”. I edited this blog series, hosted by The Philosophers Cocoon. It explores how early career philosophers can show the importance of their work beyond academia.
(2018) “Absolute Space, Catharine Cockburn, and Early Modern Women Metaphysicians”, Project Vox Revealing Voices Blog.
(2018) “Are Space and Time Just Relations? On Early Modern British Relationists”, Groningen Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Thought Blog.
(2018) “Does the Future Exist?” The Forum for European Philosophy Blog, hosted by LSE.
(2015) “Introducing British idealist Hilda Oakeley”, Feminist History of Philosophy Blog.
(2012) “Tattoo You: Personal Identity in Ink”. With Kyle Fruh. In Robert Arp (ed.) Tattoos: I Ink, Therefore I Am. Wiley-Blackwell.

Print Interviews & Opinions

(2024) An opinion from me on BBC article, “Why 2024 may be the year of ‘surprise travel'”.
(2022) Interview for documentary film Guru Muni-Being & Becoming.
(2022) Interview with Finnish magazine Niin & Näin, “Deconstructing the masculinity of travel”.
(2020) Interview with Psychology Today, “How to Travel without Leaving the House”.
(2020) Interview with Much Better Adventures Magazine, “On the Importance of Finding Otherness when you Travel”.
(2020) Interview with Psychology Today, “The Psychology of Doom Tourism and Last-Chance Travel”.
(2020) Interview with Five Books on The Best Books on the Philosophy of Travel”.
(2020) Article in Kristeligt Dagblad, a Danish national newspaper, with an opinion from me on tourism after the Covid-19 crisis.
(2020) Interview with Irish Times on The Meaning of Travel.
(2020) Interview with New Humanist on The Meaning of Travel.
(2019) Article in the Independent, with an opinion from me on why people travel.
(2017) Interview on my work with 3AM Magazine on the philosophy of time, history of philosophy, and neglected historical women philosophers.