Edited Special Issue

(2023) Time at the Turn of the Twentieth Century in American-British Philosophy, a special issue of the British Journal of the History of Philosophy (Volume 31, Issue 2). 

As my open access Editor’s Introduction explains, this collection explores philosophical problems around our experience, and metaphysics, of time. Its ten papers cover key thinkers of the period, including Shadworth Hodgson, William James, Mary Calkins, Victoria Welby, Bertrand Russell, G. E. Moore, A. A. Robb, Alfred North Whitehead, Norman Kemp Smith, J. M. E. McTaggart, Karin Costelloe-Stephen, Hilda Oakeley, May Sinclair, and George P. Adams.

Journal Articles

(forthcoming) “Constance Naden’s Metaphysics: Hylo-Idealism’s Ideal Known World and Unknown Matter”, Journal of the History of Philosophy.

(forthcoming) “The Specious Present in English Philosophy 1749-1785: On David Hartley, Joseph Priestley, Abraham Tucker, and William Watson”, Philosophers’ Imprint.

(forthcoming) “The Philosophy of Joseph Priestley’s 1765 Timeline: Abstract Ideas, Time, and Human Progress”, History of Philosophy Quarterly.

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