popular writing

(2017) “Does the Size of the Universe Prove God Doesn’t Exist?”. The Conversation. [110,000+ readers]. Reprinted in over a dozen places, including Newsweek, News Republic, and RealClearScience.

(2017) “What is Space? The 300 year old Battle Still Raging Today”. The Conversation. [90,000+ readers] Reprinted in over ten places, including space.com, Sci Fi Generation, and RealClearScience. Translated into Chinese on Tautio.com

(2015) “Introducing British idealist Hilda Oakeley”, Feminist History of Philosophy Blog.

(2012) “Tattoo You: Personal Identity in Ink”. With Kyle Fruh. In Robert Arp (ed.) Tattoos: I Ink, Therefore I Am. Wiley-Blackwell.

(2009) “The Spatial Location of God”. Think 8: 53-61.


(2017) Interview on my work with 3AM Magazine: on the philosophy of time, history of philosophy, and neglected historical women philosophers.