popular writing

(2017) “Does the Size of the Universe Prove God Doesn’t Exist?”. The Conversation. [100,000+ readers]

(2017) “What is Space? The 300 year old Battle Still Raging Today”. The Conversation. [60,000+ readers] You can find this article in Chinese, on Tautio.com.

(2015) “Introducing British idealist Hilda Oakeley”, Feminist History of Philosophy Blog.

(2012) “Tattoo You: Personal Identity in Ink”. With Kyle Fruh. In Robert Arp (ed.) Tattoos: I Ink, Therefore I Am. Wiley-Blackwell.

(2009) “The Spatial Location of God”. Think 8: 53-61.


(2017) Interview on my work with 3AM Magazine: on the philosophy of time, history of philosophy, and neglected historical women philosophers.